• Less CO2

    Thanks to an innovative formula and the fact that we do not supply water or oil, we save CO2.

  • Grünes rundes Vegan Logo


    All our sauces contain no ingredients of animal origin and are therefore vegan.

  • Save unnecessary plastic bottles

    Since disposable plastic bottles are unnecessary for us, we reject them.

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  • Venoth N

    Oil, water and shakes. It also tastes very good. With flatbread from the Turk next door, this stuff is awesome #ShakeittotheMoon

  • Saskia L

    You can combine it with a lot of things. It's perfect for cooking and it's also vegan!

  • Jeans.

    Everyone talks about the taste but I think the design really stands out... It tastes good too

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  • Dicker ungesunder Mann vor dem Fernseher

    Often damn unhealthy

  • Wassertransporter

    Unnecessary water transport

  • Plastikmüllhaufen

    Single use plastic to feed the fish

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The solution

A sauce that comes as a powder to shake yourself. Add oil & water and Voilà: Sauce is not only creamy & delicious but also healthier and more environmentally friendly!

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What is special about Dip Up?

These are the special features of our dip up powder:

  • vegan
  • low fat
  • sugar free
  • without preservatives
  • Gluten free
  • Lower CO2 transport

How do you prepare dip up?

120ml water + 30ml oil + dip up powder in a glass.

Then you can either shake it for 30 seconds. If you like it really creamy you can also mix it.

And voila. You already have your magic sauce!

Does Dip Up Mayonnaise taste exactly like mayonnaise?

It tastes fresher and lighter than traditional greasy mayonnaise.

Which Oil Should I Use?

According to your taste. You can use regular sunflower oil, or experiment with olive oil, canola oil, nut oils, etc.!

How much sauce does one pack make?

A pack contains 3 bags with 20 g powder each. A powder makes 175 ml, i.e. 7 portions of 25 ml each.

A whole pack contains 60 g of powder, which corresponds to 525 ml of sauce and 21 portions of 25 ml .

Taste the future of sauce now.